July 7, 2017

Enjoying A Hot Tub With Children

With school out for summer, it’s important to make spending productive time together as a family a top priority. That means keeping kids active in the outdoors, and unplugged from their technology, as well as finding more time to spend with everyone together.

A summerized hot tub can be the perfect antidote to boredom and fatigue by providing the perfect place for siblings, cousins, and friends to bond while working off some energy at the same time. With the addition of a few inflatable toys, you can make the experience even more interactive.

But how can you ensure everyone stays safe while enjoying a little hot tub therapy?


How young is too young?

Babies should avoid hot tub use, and for younger children make sure that you are inside the hot tub with them at all times.


How long is too long?

Depending on the heat of your hot tub, younger children should avoid more than 10 continuous minutes at a time inside. Always keep cool water ready to give to the kids to avoid dehydration, and make sure everyone cools off when they need to. Inside a number of Beachcomber models, we include an elevated cooling seat, designed for kids to be only partly inside the water.


What’s the best way to make sure everyone stays safe?

For smaller kids, it’s always best to get in the hot tub with them, and turn on the bubbles slowly, to ensure things remain gentle. Avoid bringing your kids in the hot tub directly after eating, as a full stomach can cause discomfort when mixed with the heat of the water.


Never leave kids unsupervised

Always ensure that you have a close eye on the situation, regardless of your child’s swimming level, and that your hot tub is secured when not in use.


Talk to kids about the rules of the hot tub

Make sure you talk to kids about how to properly and safely use the hot tub. That means no running around it (in the case of a sunken tub), keeping clothes and hair away from the drains, and ensuring that electronic appliances stay at a safe distance.


Once you have the basics of hot tub ownership covered with your kids, however, you’ll have the ideal place unwind and stay connected as a family – right in your own backyard!


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