March 24, 2016

Dangers of Hard Water

Hard water is created when there’s too much dissolved content present in the water. It becomes problematic in a hot tub because the water is constantly circulating, allowing it to cause damage to pipes, acrylic and other working parts of the tub.

When hard water is heated, the minerals in it form something called “scale”, that starts to cling to the tub, pipes, and anything else it come into contact with. Scale also prevents efficient heating, causing your water heater to use a lot more energy to heat the water.

Hard water also effects your skin. Symptoms of it can include itchiness, acne, flaking, dry hair, and dullness. This is caused because hard water does not react properly with soap. Instead of lathering, it creates a layer of soap scum on the skin.

Getting rid of hard water is relatively easy with Beachcomber’s product “Soft”. It can be added on a weekly basis to enhance your water quality and comfort.

Before using “Soft”, it’s best to drain your hot tub and do a full cleaning of your tub. This will allow you to fully wipe down and get rid of the scum lines, as well as clean the pipes with our product “MicroCleanse”.

Testing your water often is key, be sure you do a complate water test once every week.



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