March 10, 2016

Cleartech UVC Water Care System explained

Supplying your hot tub with the correct amount of water care products can be expensive. Every few months it can cost upwards of $150-200 to maintain healthy, clear water. Adding a Cleartech UVC Water Care system can significantly reduce the amount of traditional water products you need to use in your tub.

The Difference of Beachcomber Hot Tubs’ ClearTech UVC Technology

How it works?

The Cleartech UVC system works by harnessing the power of UV light to kill harmful bacteria in your water as it is filters through the tub’s plumbing. This system is fully compatible with both chlorine and bromine based water care products, and it can help reduce their consumption by up to 70%. It’s also environmentally friendly and produces no chemicals or harmful by-products.

How it helps?

Although the Cleartech UVC system does not totally eliminate the need for water care products, it will extend the life of your water by eliminating bacteria and lowering the level of Total Dissolved Solids present in your water. It will also help get rid of the smell from chlorine based water care products.


*Beachcomber Hot Tip: Before purchasing a hot tub be sure you ask your salesperson about having your tub ClearTech UVC Water Care ready. Unfortunately, at the moment only Beachcomber Hybrid3 hot tubs are able to carry this feature, not our LEEP tubs.

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2 thoughts on “Cleartech UVC Water Care System explained

  1. John Gunn says:

    I have a model 340 with the Clearthech system installed. There is a leak from one of the compression clamps at he inlet side. I have requested a maintenance call but it will be several days until he arrives. Would it harm the system if I shut off the ball valves at either side of the Cleartech unit while waiting for service? This shuts off the leak and the remainder of the heating and pumping system seems to operate fine.

    1. Hi John,

      I’ve emailed your question to our tech department and will respond to you via email once I hear back.

      Thank you very much,

      The Beachcomber Team

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