April 3, 2018

ClearTech UVC Hot Tub Filtration

The cleanest, healthiest water imaginable is now a reality with Beachcomber Hot Tubs’ ClearTech UVC filtration system. This revolutionary hot tub technology might not be something you will ever see, but it’s something you will experience every time you use your hot tub. It’s the priceless peace of mind that you and your family are enjoying crystal clear, healthy water each time you soak.

A totally hands-free approach to hot tub water care, our proven ClearTech UVC filtration technology harnesses the power of the sun’s UV light to kill harmful bacteria in your water as it filter’s through the tub’s plumbing. It’s an added layer of water treatment that prolongs the lifetime of hot tub water and is fully compatible with chlorine, Care Free, and bromine water care products. By producing no chemicals or harmful by-products, this environmentally-friendly system can reduce your sanitizer consumption by 50 – 70%.

Although the ClearTech UVC Filtration System does not completely eliminate the need for water care products, it will extend the life of your water by eliminating bacteria and lowering the level of Total Dissolved Solids present in your water. It will also help get rid of the smell from chlorine-based water care products.

This highly efficient water purification system is a natural solution for cleaner results!


For this month only you can add a ClearTech UVC filtration system to your hot tub purchase for 50% OFF! 


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