March 22, 2016

Chlorine vs. Bromine

Chlorine and Bromine are the two most popular hot tub water care systems. Each system is used to disinfect and kill bacteria that thrives in the warm waters of your hot tub. Although these systems perform the same task, they are very different.

Here are advantages and disadvantages to each product:




-Chlorine dissolves quickly and easy to use.

-Chlorine treatments take effect very fast.

-It is a more effective cleaner. You’re able to use less of it and get the same result.


-Chlorine is known to irritate eyes and skin.

-It has a very strong odor that some people have a strong intolerance to.

-Chlorine is less effective when exposed to the UV rays of the sun.




-Although Bromine is more expensive then Chlorine, you can treat your water less often due to how stable Bromine is.

-Bromine doesn’t cause the same irritation that Chlorine does. It also doesn’t harm swimwear fabric.

-Bromine doesn’t emit a smell.

-Bromine doesn’t lose effectiveness when exposed to UV light.


-Bromine treatment is more complex than normal Chlorine treatment.

-The initial costs of treating your hot tub with Bromine are more expensive.


No matter which system you choose, talking with your local Beachcomber dealer about what they would suggest for your situation is always a good idea.




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