• Staying Sun-Safe in a Hot Tub

    Staying Sun-Safe in a Hot Tub

    While you’re enjoying the summer, it’s extremely important to make sure you’re taking the steps necessary to protect yourself from the sun. Skin exposure without protection can lead to serious long-term effects, and too much heat can cause sunstroke.

    A few simple tips for staying sun-safe in your hot tub:

    Plan your time in your hot tub

    Remember, the sun is strongest in the late morning and afternoon, so try to avoid being out in your hot tub during these times. It’s best to enjoy your hot tub in the earlier morning, or in the evening and night, to avoid exposure to an excess of UV rays. Don’t spend too much time in it at once. 15 minutes is all you need to get your daily therapeutic boost.

    Create Shade

    We often ask owners about their installation plans for their new hot tub, and we always encourage them to find a spot that provides a level of shade, or to invest in a large umbrella that can provide a flexible level of protection when the sun is too strong. Permanent solutions include a pergola or gazebo, while a quality patio umbrella or shade sail can give you the option to keep your hot tub open to the night sky or early morning breeze, with protection when you need it.

    Sunscreen! Sunscreen! Sunscreen!

    As with all outdoor summertime activities, if you plan on using your hot tub during the day always remember to apply and re-apply a waterproof sunscreen that can keep your skin protected. Just remember that this might add to the maintenance required for your hot tub water. Put the sunscreen on at least 15 minutes before, and re-apply the sunscreen after you’re done in the hot tub if you plan on staying out in the sun.

    Stay Hydrated

    The more your body heats, the more need you to keep yourself hydrated. Before you get into your hot tub, make sure to drink a full glass of water, and bring out a bottle or two to sip on as you soak. Listen to your body, and when you feel it’s getting too hot, it’s time to get out and step back inside or under the shade.

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  • Your Hot Tub Yoga Guide

    Your Hot Tub Yoga Guide

    What’s better than a calming, healing yoga session? How about one in the comfort of your Beachcomber Hot Tub! If you’ve ever been interested in trying out yoga, but were worried about the impacts of the pressure and weight on your joints, hot tub yoga might be the perfect solution for you.

    Why? The natural buoyancy of water in your hot tub takes pressure off your joints, reducing the impact and alleviating pain and discomfort. Warm water also helps sooth muscles, enhancing your flexibility and making your yoga poses more effective, even as a beginner.

    Here are a few of the most important benefits of hot tub yoga:

    Increased Flexibility

    Hot tub water naturally gets your blood flowing and helps loosen tense muscles. Plus, in water, your body doesn’t have to do as much to fight gravity as you hold onto your yoga poses.

    Strengthens Your Muscles

    Yoga is a low-impact, full-body exercise, making it a fantastic way to build strength no matter your age or athletic ability. Yoga in water is even less strenuous on your body, and makes a fantastic outlet for building up strength and staying in shape.

    Relieves Pain

    Aquatic yoga helps relieve pressure on your major joints, tendons, and ligaments, which makes it completely accessible and safe for practitioners of all ages and physical strengths.

    Ready to get started? Here’s a few of our favourite poses:


    The Wave

    Hot Tub yoga wave post

    Difficulty: Beginner  

    We call this pose the wave, as it will make your latissimus dorsi and oblique muscles as limber as the waves in the ocean.

    How to do this pose:

    Stand in the foot well of your hot tub with your feet shoulder-length apart. Lift your left arm up to the sky while slowly bending to the right and look up at your left hand. Repeat 3 times on each side.

    Crescent Moon

     Hot Tub Yoga crescent moon pose

    Difficulty: Intermediate

    Bow your body like a crescent moon to stretch the muscles in your abdominals.

    How to do this pose:

    Stand up in the footwell of your Beachcomber. Start with your hands on either side of you body, slow reach up and place your hands together above your head. Slowly arch your back imagining there is a string pulling your chest towards the sky. Be very careful not to over-exert your back. Not recommended for those with lower back problems.

    Palm Tree


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    Difficulty: Beginner

    Place your foot on your other leg’s upper thigh and stretch your arms above your head to complete the Palm Tree position.

    How to do this pose:

    Stand up in the footwell of your hot tub. Start this stretch by lifting one leg up and bending it so that your foot reaches your other thigh. Follow this by placing your hands above your head and clasping them together. Once complete, hold the position for a few minutes and then repeat with the other leg. To make the most of this stretch, lift your foot as far as you possibly can up your other leg. Another point on this position is to attempt to keep your back straight throughout the full duration of the stretch.

    Half Boat


    Beachcomber Hot Tubs, spas, hot tubs, yoga


    Difficulty: Intermediate

    Make a 90 degree angle with your chest and legs to work your abdominal and leg muscles.

    How to do this pose:

    Sit down in a comfortable position in your Beachcomber. Start this pose by sliding down in the seat, just enough so that your chin is right above the water line. Once done, adjust your rear so that you’re able to comfortably lift your legs. To fully take advantage of this exercise, be sure to lift your legs enough that it allows your feet to breach the water or just until you feel the stretch. This position can be tough on the back, so be aware not to overwork your body.


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  • Adding a Hot Tub Soak to Your Outdoor Cardio Routine

    Adding a Hot Tub Soak to Your Outdoor Cardio Routine

    With the arrival of warm weather, the great outdoors may be beckoning to you, with promises of making your workout routine more interesting. If you’ve spent the winter running on a treadmill, however, there will certainly be some adjustment for your body when you attack the trails, with muscle soreness almost guaranteed.

    By incorporating a hot tub into your outdoor routine, you can maximize the benefits of hydrotherapy to ease your transition to outdoor cardio. There is often some debate around when the ideal time to soak is (before an outdoor run, shortly afterwards, or with a delay). What you ultimately decide works best for you will come down to personal preference, but there are some general guidelines to observe to stay safe.

    Consider these tips when incorporating hot tub soaking into your cardio routine:


    Soak Before. A short pre-exercise hot tub soak can make the run more pleasant, especially on a cold day, because it increases blood flow to your legs. Remember that you’ve already started sweating when you soak, and be sure keep hydrated.

    Soak Immediately after. This is the time to play it cool. Applying ice or cold water is the best move, as this will limit blood flow to the inflamed muscles so they’ll feel better fast. Heat would keep them inflamed, and continued sweating would keep you dehydrated.

    Soak 36-48 Hours Later. You’ll get maximum benefits from the hot tub by soaking 36 to 48 hours after an intense outdoor cardio session (soaking sooner is fine after shorter runs). By then, the inflammation is subsiding and the increased blood flow will stimulate healing for your damaged muscles. Plus, it’s a great reward for your racing success.

    Not only can your hot tub serve double duty as your warm up and post-workout relaxation space, but you can bring your workout into the water as well! For anyone with joint pain or sports injuries, combining therapeutic exercises with the soothing heat and buoyancy of the water can reap great rewards.

    Back and Leg Lifts

    Strengthening your legs and hips can help to improve balance, add support to your back muscles, and decrease the risk of injury during outdoor runs. Stand up in your hot tub, using the walls or lip of the tub for support, and extend your leg outward and to the side. Loosen up your hips by bringing your knees up one at a time, as close to your chest as you can, then lower and extend them behind you. Repeat each exercise in sets of 3, with 10 to 15 repetitions to start, building in number and frequency as you grow stronger.


    You can also add an aerobic, cardio-focused component to your hot tub workout with bicycle kicks, alternating this with your more intense outdoor runs. Sit in the hot tub with your legs toward the center, hold the edge of the seat with both hands, and elevate your legs, keeping them in the water. Make a pedaling motion as if you’re riding a bicycle. Pedal for 30 seconds, alternating speeds for a better workout, then take a break and repeat as desired.

    Remember: Soak, run, ice, soak later. You’ll be warmed up, you’ll run at your prime, you’ll cool down in the safest way, and you’ll look forward to a blissful recovery in your Beachcomber!


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  • 5 Simple Tricks to Stay Fit

    5 Simple Tricks to Stay Fit

    It seems there is never enough time to fit all that you’d like to do into a day. But scanning headlines to get your current events isn’t the only time saving hack available. If the minimum recommended amount of exercise (30 minutes, five days a week) seems tricky to nail down, realize that it doesn’t have to be done consecutively! In fact, incorporating short 10-minute bouts or “mini workouts,” among your regular activities, might even be more effective than a sustained session, according to a study from Arizona State University.


    Check out these five ways to seamlessly fit exercise into your busy day.


    1.  Meetings on the move

    Don’t think that a lunchtime spin class is the only way to incorporate some exercise into your work day. If your days are long and chock full of meetings, consider taking those meetings outside. If no visual aids or presentations are required, you can have the discussion en route to/from the closest coffee shop instead. Even doing laps around the building while you strategize can be an effective use of time.

    2.  Turn your errands into exercise

    The mall is a great place to quickly cover lots of ground, and accumulate your 10-minute exercise bout in no time! Make sure to park far away, so the parking lot trek can count toward your steps. If you have appointments located close enough together that you can walk, plan accordingly and leave the car at home (enjoy the added bonus of not needing to hunt for parking!) And when faced with an escalator, ALWAYS take the stairs.

    3.  Commercial break crunches

    Kick the couch potato time up a notch by doing a short circuit of callisthenics such as lunges, push-ups, and crunches for full-body toning, during commercial breaks. If streaming your shows commercial free, you can do this during the slow parts instead, or make your own timed breaks.

    4.  Socialize outside

    Exercising lightly while catching up with a friend makes the activity more enjoyable, plus is an efficient use of time. Swap your next post-work cocktails for a stroll in the park with coffees. Your liver will thank you, you’ll get your steps in, and you’ll likely sleep more soundly. It’s a win-win all around.

    5.  Meditate before bed

    If meditation seems impossible – and it is much harder than you might think to silence your thoughts! – you can light some candles and try some easy yoga stretches to calm your body and mind before bed. And for the ultimate relaxation experience, slip into the hot tub right afterwards to drain the stress of the day and ease any muscle tension.


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    A Beachcomber Hot Tub is not only a great way to spend quality time with family and friends and unwind after a long day, studies have shown it also offers a number of mental and physical health benefits that can do wonders for improving your overall quality of life.

    Here are a few of the ways a Beachcomber Hot Tub can have you feeling healthier & happier:

    Improves Your Mood

    Submerging your body in hot tub water naturally triggers the release of endorphins as the heat helps boost circulation. Endorphins are our natural happiness makers, and induce feelings of easiness and comfort that enhance our mental states.

    Relieves Muscle Pain

    Hot tub water gets your blood moving, and improved circulation works wonders for muscle pain. Not only does this help in your body’s natural healing processes, but the added therapeutic benefits of jet propulsion help alleviate tension in your body and get you recovered and ready for your next workout session. It’s best not to hot tub directly after exercising however, as your body needs time to cool down to avoid inflammation.

    Burns Calories

    That’s right! Not only are hot tubs great pre-and-post working out, they also serve as a mini-workout in themselves. Sounds too good to be true, right? While laying in your Beachcomber Hot Tub is not a substitute for a cardio session and should not give you the excuse to be less active in your everyday life, a hot tub soak has been shown to burn as many calories as going out for a short walk.

    Helps You Sleep Soundly

    At night, our body temperatures naturally drop, which signals the production of melatonin, better known as the sleeping hormone. Soaking in a warm bath will raise your body temperature, and exiting will more rapidly cool it down, triggering a more faster production of melatonin, better preparing your body for sleep.

    Lowers Blood Pressure

    When your body is submerged in a hot tub, it increases your blood flow, which means an increased supply of oxygen, antibodies, and white blood cells pumping through your body. The warmth causes blood vessels to dilate (or expand) and resistance on the heart is lessened, leading to an overall lowering of blood pressure. We do recommend however, if you have chronic heart issues, please consult a doctor prior to using a hot tub to be safe.


    Don’t just look at a Beachcomber Hot Tub as an investment into a good time, look at it as an investment into good health, and use it every single day as part of your routine to achieve the best results.


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  • Springtime Exercise and Soothing Sore Muscles

    Springtime Exercise and Soothing Sore Muscles

    This time of year usually involves a familiar pattern: winter hibernation gives way to a suddenly sunny spring, and you find yourself trying to make quick progress on your fitness goals for the summer. As you ramp up your workouts and take advantage of more opportunities for outdoor exercise, don’t forget about the second half of the equation – rehabilitating your sore muscles in the wake of all your increased activity.

    As you plan for and track your body’s cycles of stress and recovery through exercise, strategic hot tub soaking can enhance your workouts and your progress towards a healthier body and lifestyle.

    Check out the following Do’s and Don’ts before you make your spring fitness master plan!


    What to Do?

    • Consider soaking in your hot tub for 10-20 minutes before your workout, to loosen up your muscles before exertion. Soaking both before and after any high intensity activity can help prevent injury.


    • Plan accordingly to incorporate rest and recovery phases into your workout schedule. It’s best to alternate heat and cold therapy (soaking in your hot tub vs. occasional cold showers) to promote healing.


    • Be careful to wait until your heart rate has slowed down and your muscles have cooled a bit before plunging into the hot water. Therapeutic hot tub water will increase blood flow and circulation, helping your tired muscles recover and build, and the mix of heat and jet pressure soothes soreness and muscle tension, minimizing post-workout pain.


    • Hydrate before your workout and often during it. Plan to drink even more water if you’ll be soaking in your hot tub post-workout.


    • Think of the well-earned post workout jet massage as preparing you for the next phase of your fitness journey, and reap the mental benefits of relaxing in swirling hot water.


    What Not to Do?

    • Neglect your limits and push too hard. This is never a good approach, but particularly if done early in your fitness journey, can also have a discouraging effect and prevent you from sticking to your fitness resolution or progressing.


    • Neglect to stretch before a workout or starting too quickly when your muscles are still cool and stiff. Even if you feel like you’re getting the hang of an increased activity level, not taking enough care with stretching is likely to lead to injury.


    • Hydrate insufficiently. Your body’s natural process of sweating during exercise and in the warmth of the hot tub needs to be counterbalanced by drinking more water than you may be used to.


    • Miss out on the benefits of a hot tub! This is a “Don’t” that you can easily avoid when you decide that owning a hot tub will be complementary to your fitness journey. Take the first step towards this investment, by checking out our hot tub Buyer’s Guide…



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  • Prioritizing Family Time

    Prioritizing Family Time

    With the Victoria Day long weekend around the corner, you may be looking forward to relaxing and reconnecting with loved ones. But in the hectic pace of Spring activities (particularly with kids), reconnecting may require more foresight and planning than expected. Take into consideration the following tips for prioritizing family time, so enjoying those precious moments together isn’t as rare as long weekends are (all too rare!)


    Making the most of family time

    1.   Organize your obligations into lists. Instead of trying to do it all, figure out which household tasks need to be done (your “Do” list), and which can wait (your “Do Later” list). This will rebalance your family’s time so you can spend more time all together, instead of you and/or your partner taking on a disproportionate amount of housework. And make sure to be realistic and honest when evaluating your time. Don’t add something to your “Do” list just because you feel guilty.


    2.   Unplug when you’re at home. Instead of checking email, working on projects, and texting friends or coworkers when you’re home, turn your phone off and shut down your computer, to give your family your undivided attention. After your kids and partner are asleep, you can log back on and tackle work responsibilities without distraction.


    3.   Make new traditions. Getting everyone together is usually on the radar for a holiday, but you should aim to spend at least one night a week with your family on the regular as well. For instance, set aside Friday nights for DIY pizza and games with your kids. Other new (or revived) traditions that you could try include:

    • Trying a new restaurant together once a month
    • Taking turns choosing a new movie to see together
    • Going for a family bike ride
    • Having a Sunday brunch together
    • Relaxing in your hot tub on a chosen night of the week!


    4.   Encourage spontaneity. Don’t be afraid to break from tradition by trying something different during your family time. In addition to encouraging suggestions from your kids and partner, you should be creative in your brainstorming of something completely new. The more fun everyone has, the more likely they will be to prioritize family time as something to look forward to.


    Missing the hot tub needed for number 3? (Making new traditions or reviving past ones?)

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  • Hot Tub Aromatherapy Benefits

    Hot Tub Aromatherapy Benefits

    There’s nothing as relaxing as stepping inside a Beachcomber Hot Tub after a long day. It’s the perfect place to unwind and de-stress. But what if there was a way to enhance the experience even further?

    Aromatherapy has been practiced for centuries around the world. The health benefits are numerous, including an ability to relieve stress and depression, boost energy levels, cure headaches, strengthen the immune system and induce sleep.

    A Beachcomber Hot Tub already offers a rejuvenating and healing experience, between the pressure of the jets and heat of the sparkling water.


    Now Beachcomber has a way to bring aromatherapy into your hot tub water with our line-up of Signature Scentsations by Judy!

    These aromatherapy scents are specifically designed to safely interact with your chosen water care system, with a completely pH neutral formula that will not impact the balance of the water it is added to.

    Adding natural fragrances to your hot tub water can greatly improve your already enjoyable hot tub experience. Aromatherapy can help your mind to further unwind and relax and certain fragrances can help to trigger memories that are associated with the scent. Recalling pleasurable or fond memories while relaxing in your hot tub, or just immersing yourself in the soothing, soft fragrance, can help alleviate stress and improve your overall relaxation.

    Our Signature Scentsations By Judy are currently available in the following three formulas:

    Paradise Found

    Infused with the exotic scent of the paradise flower, add into your next soak and transport yourself into a lush, tropical oasis, no matter where you are in the world.

    Sweet Rendezvous

    Discover a harmonizing blend of water lily and bergamot for a summery, seaside escape, even when the ocean is nowhere in sight.

    Midnight Passion

    Experience a pleasing hint of fruity, floral passion flower that instantly calms and soothes your mind.



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    With the warm, spring weather now in full-bloom, the long winter finally feels like it’s behind us. That means it’s time to get active outside, and take full advantage of all spring has to offer!

    While exercise is something we all need, it also has its own set of risks and limitations particularly as we get older. High-impact training, especially running, can lead to serious and chronic injuries that can cut training sessions short.

    So How Can A Hot Tub Help You Stay Active & Injury-Free?

    Before working-out:

    Having a quick hot tub soak before physical activity helps loosen up your muscles, which speeds up the recovery process and avoid injury.

    Recovering after a work-out:

    Therapeutic hot tub water increases blood flow and circulation, helping your trained muscles recover and build, and the mix of heat and jet propulsion soothes soreness and helps release built-up muscle tension that causes pain. Just remember to allow your body the proper time to have a quick cool down period before jumping in to relax if you want to maximize the wellness benefits of your Beachcomber Hot Tub.

    Working-out in water:

    Your hot tub is not only a place to prepare and recover from working out, it’s also a place you can exercise! A water workout is low-impact because it takes the pressure off joints, muscles, and bones, which reduces the risk of injury. With water’s natural density and buoyancy, you can enjoy a longer workout that doesn’t put unnecessary stress on your body.

    Here are a few hot tub exercise ideas to try!

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