March 14, 2016

Beachcomber’s Toughest Test

Energy efficiency is an integral part of the design of our hot tubs. It’s part of what makes Beachcomber Hot Tubs stand in the hot tub industry. While other hot tub manufacturers build their hot tubs in a way to increase profits by using lower quality parts, Beachcomber focuses on producing tubs with the highest quality parts and best design. This allows Beachcomber to deliver the lowest possible energy usage among hot tub brands.

When purchasing a Beachcomber, you can be sure that you’re receiving the highest quality product in the industry. As part of our manufacturing process, Beachcomber puts each hot tub model through yearly comprehensive energy efficiency testing in a California Energy Commission (CEC) approved laboratory.


Here are the results from the California Energy Commission testing:

Brand Watts Per USG % higher than Beachcomber
NewLife Spas .77 57%
Coast Spas .71 45%
Emerald Spas .68 38%
Nordic Hot Tubs .67 35%
Baja Spas .65 33%
Viking Spas .64 30%
Coyote Spas .63 27%
Sunrise Spas .62 26%
Jacuzzi Hot Tubs .60 22%
Caldera Spas .54 10%
Bullfrog Spas .54 9%
Arctic Spas .53 8%
Beachcomber Hot Tubs .49 0%


We’re extremely proud to own the distinction of being the most energy efficient hot tub in the industry. It’s exemplary of how our commitment to quality and energy efficiency has paid off.



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