June 7, 2016

Beachcomber Flexjet System

With our Flexjet Massage Therapy System, customizing your Beachcomber Hot Tub has never been simpler. Whether you like a strong lower back massage or a less turbulent foot massage, our system of jetting can help you create the perfect hydrotherapeutic experience. With this system, you can easily change and replace the jets just like you would a lightbulb.

Below are the descriptions of all the different kinds of jets we offer.


Roto Flexjet

The Roto FlexJet insert features a single oscillating port that turns in a clockwise manner creating a high-pressure massage. This jet is most effective for targeting pain in the large tissue areas on the lower part of your body.


Twin Roto Flexjet

The Twin-Roto Flex-Jet insert sports two oscillating ports that enhance the momentum of air and water into a customizable massage experience. This provides relief to large tissue on your lower back.


Vortex Flexjet

The Vortex FlexJet delivers just the perfect pressure equation to your massage story, with four different sizes depending on the size of the muscle group targeted. This jet is great for localized pain on your back or legs.


Massage Flexjet

With 7 sets of jets in one, this FlexJet is a marriage of both traditional massaging techniques, motion and pressure. With the power of both directional and full motion techniques working together, this jet helps penetrate deep into muscle tissue to encourage blood circulation and oxygen. This targets shoulder and upper back muscles.



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