August 1, 2017

Adding A Hot Tub To Your Backyard Reno

There’s no better time of the year to enjoy your backyard than right now. The days are longer, and the evenings are the perfect time to sit outside in your own private sanctuary. And there’s no better way to enhance any outdoor space than with a hot tub that you and the entire family can enjoy (year-round!) So how can you make this fit in with the aesthetic of your yard, and your budget?

Here’s a few simple ways you can enhance your hot tub setting, making it more beautiful both to look at, and more importantly, to lie in!


Simple Decking

If you want to include a deck around your hot tub, be sure to remember that it does need leave room for accessing the mechanics, and that it won’t create puddles or muddy spots. Hot tub users need to be able to walk safely barefoot in and out, so ensure that whatever decking you decide on includes a non-skid surface. The benefits of decking, both when the hot tub is completely sunken and partially sunken, is that it can reduce the visual footprint, if you are looking for sleek aesthetic, and make it easier to get in and out of.


A Rock Garden

Surrounding your hot tub with large boulders, and faux rocks, gives it a truly stunning ‘set-in garden’ natural feeling, even though you haven’t sunken the hot tub. This can be particularly effective in creating a rustic or natural spring setting for your hot tub and can be the perfect way to achieve a total ‘backyard escape’ with your Beachcomber.


Potted Plants

Even simple planters of various sizes can deliver a huge impact in the visual appeal of your hot tub. Adding large and small planters on the sides can help tie it into the natural foliage of your backyard and provide more privacy and intimacy for bathers inside.


Furniture & Coverings

Adding a pergola or gazebo over top of your hot tub not only allows for more shade, but adds a ton of intimacy inside and helps you anchor the spa in your backyard. You can also add a counter with stools on the side if your hot tub is above ground, to allow people to enjoy each other’s company, as well as keep people from eating and drinking while bathing.


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