June 21, 2017

A Tropical Backyard Paradise in Canada?

With huge leaves, bright colours, and exotic foliage, there’s nothing that feels like paradise quite like a tropical botanical oasis. But how can your bring the flavours of the Caribbean into your backyard in Canada?

By doing a little research, you’ll soon discover there are actually a number of deceptively durable hearty winter plants that will easily achieve the tropical look, while surviving the winter chill. These can be the perfect accent to landscape around your Beachcomber Hot Tub, and turn a quick dip just outside your backdoor into an exotic vacation getaway – each and every day!


Different bamboo variants are super easy to grow in cool climates. And grow they do! While you will likely encounter some extra maintenance in keeping the plants in check, adding bamboo is a great way to create a thick wall of foliage that will give your hot tub privacy from the neighbours and add a distinctively exotic flare to your backyard landscape.


While a palm tree most likely triggers visions of the California coast or Hawaiian Islands, Windmill Palms are actually extremely well suited for living in colder climates, even those that reach well below freezing. This palm is native to China and the high mountains of The Himalayas, and are much heartier than the kinds you’ll encounter down south. So plant a palm and bring the island life to you!

Canna Lilies 

Canna lilies are probably one of the easiest and most effective tropical plants you can grow. These are extremely durable in both pots and flowerbeds, and with a little winterization mulching, they’ll prosper for years to come. With heights reaching over 5 feet, and vibrant shades of red and purple flowers, they are the perfect way to create a vibrant oasis around your Beachcomber.

Banana Trees

When you think Banana Trees, you think tropical island living. There are a number of smaller variations that are ideal for backyards, with the “Musa Basjoo” species, the perfect winter-ready addition to your backyard. They have reached popularity in recent years across Canada and continue to prosper throughout the whole year.

Japanese Silver Grass

Adding some drama to your landscape, a planting of this ornamental grass is a great way to add movement and a tropical flare to your garden. Very gifted, these grasses are easy to grow, wonderful in winter, and are generally pest and disease free, requiring extremely little maintenance.



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