September 7, 2017

How Beachcomber’s HEATSHIELD Hot Tub Covers Save You Money!

When you own a hot tub, a good cover is arguably the most important accessory to invest in. The cover must, above all else, perfectly fit the model you own, or else you’re going to be exposing your hot tub to the elements, and watch the heat disappear. Older hot tub covers also tend to start losing heat faster and faster. This causes your hot tub to work overtime, particularly in colder climates, to keep up the set temperature. This added heating will cost you more money every month in added energy bills.

At Beachcomber, our engineers worked to solve this problem, and save you money.

Beachcomber’s HEATSHIELD hot tub covers have 45% more insulating power than standard hot tub covers, and have been designed to lock in your hot tub’s heat and energy – saving you up to $500 per year in heating costs!*

What makes a HEATSHIELD perform better?

Heat-Sealed Construction

Maximize the longevity and performance of your cover with our airtight, heat-seal design that keeps cold air out.

Durable Against All Elements

Reinforced light-weight aluminum keeps the structure of your cover looking like new. Mildew, moisture, and UV rays are simply no match against the marine grade vinyl skin!

Made in Canada

Every Beachcomber Heatshield is proudly made in Canada with quality materials and craftsmanship.

Two Year Guarantee

We stand behind our products. This is our commitment to our customers. Our Heatshield will perform as promised.





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